Entrepreneur Incubator Programme (aka #EIP)


We believe everyone has the potential to earn an income, given the right knowledge (education), skills (practical hands on mastery) and tools (resources) to succeed.  We, therefore, take complex business concepts and teach them in simple, easy to use practical applications that can be adapted to any business model.

The outcome of the #EIP Programme results in our Ezabekwa Skill Smith graduates being empowered and equipped to be business ready.  This enables the graduate to re-purpose the model in several ways to innovate, expand and build their business or career successfully.  Our Ezabekwa Skill Smith graduates step out into the market place and become CHANGE AGENTS in their field of expertise.  




All modules within the Ezabekwa Incubator Programme are accredited with the South African Board
for People Practices (SABPP) and delegates will obtain 7 CPD points for each module completed.


This 8 week Business Incubation Programme is worth 56 CPD points on completion and accredited with the South African Board
for People Practices (SABPP). We are about to embark on a journey with our next #EIP group of entrepreneurs. 
Don’t be left behind, join us on the 25th April 2018 on a journey of discovery  and different thinking that will equip you to Prosper as an Entrepreneur.

Cost of the #EIP Programme is R9995.00

To book now or for more information: contact Elize on 0833014530 or email sales@ezabekwa.co.za
(Enrol in the April 2018 programme and qualify for a mystery discount. T&C’s apply

DATE                                     MODULES                               TIME                         DURATION            

25 April 2018                      Module 1 & 2                             08:30 to 16:00         1 Full Day     
                                             Discover & Partnership               

3 May 2018                        Module 3                                    15:00 to 19:00         4 hours   
                                             True North

9 May 2018                        Module 4                                    15:00 to 19:00         4 hours   

16 May 2018                      Module 4 & 5                              08:30 to 16:00         1 Full Day 
                                             Charting & Making Cents

23 May 2018                      Module 6                                     15:00 to 19:00         4 hours     

30 May 2018                       Module 7                                    15:00 to 19:00         4 hours   
                                             Game Master

6 June 2018                       Module 8                                       15:00 to 19:00         4 hours   
                                            Top Performer           

20 June 2018                      Presentation Day                        08:30 to 16:00         1 Full Day 




The delegate is motivated to understand their passion, values, talents and discover their skills level and possible gaps that are needed to achieve their dream. The outcome of this module results in the delegate formulating a powerful why statement.

This module inspires the delegate to explore business ideas that offer potential business profitability.  The delegate is encouraged to research and have a clear understanding of the pain points within the marketplace.  They are then able to identify, innovate and develop a clear stakeholder and client profile that underpins and formulates a unique value proposition statement.  The outcome of this module will empower the delegate to begin developing their 1page business canvas that pre-positions the foundation of their business.   

The success of any business hinges directly on its ability to be sustainable. This often is the one area that most entrepreneurs and business leaders find the most challenging.  A thorough understanding of the financial processes within the organisation is vital.  Budgets, cash flow, breakeven and aligning these to the business processes ensure effective execution of the day to day management of the business.  The delegate is therefore empowered to formulate an effective strategy that ensures capacity, capability and sustainability.  

Every entrepreneur or business leader needs to have sound business acumen, the ability to think critically and make decisions effectively.  In addition to this, they need to be able to manage people, set SMART goals and have efficient measures to achieve success.  This module equips the delegate to have a complete overview of their business that results in the completion of the 1page business canvas which lays the foundation for business readiness and tangible business goals in place. 

Each delegate is provided an opportunity to present their business idea before a panel of successful business men and women. In return, the panel will provide constructive feedback on areas that need additional development. Completion of the above modules is required to participate in the presentation process.

In this module, the delegate explores understanding others, their perspectives and how each of them contributes to the team dynamics.  By effectively establishing roles, responsibilities and accountability structures, the team can manage change, conflict and pressure within the team. The outcome of this module allows the delegate to formulate an effective code of commitment that empowers successful team work and business success. 

One of the critical factors in any business is having a clear understanding and managing the workflow within the organisation.  In this module the delegate will investigate the effectiveness and efficiency of their processes, identifying the skills required to accomplish the tasks and developing a performance structure that ensures effective execution and accountability.  The outcome of this module will equip the delegate with a full Process Map that is linked to their value statement/ job description and performance scorecard.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek. 

Branding, marketing and sales all interact with one another and contribute to the success of any business.  This module will take the delegate through the process of understanding their unique skill (being a “Skill Smith” expert) and how to incorporate this into a Unique Brand promise that draws their client to want to do business with them. The outcome of this module results in the delegate developing a clear marketing strategy that sets them apart from their competitors.    

This module empowers the delegate with a clear strategy on how to engage their audience effectively by using a variety of presentation methods that will enable them to effectively persuade and communicate their product offering in the marketplace.   The delegate will be provided with the necessary skills to formulate a powerful “pitch perfect” presentation that encourages the listener to engage in wanting to do business with them. 


                 – Gain hands-on experience by practically applying their knowledge to a real life business opportunity.
                 – Access to business mentorship across a number of careers.
                 – Present their business idea/plan to a business panel.
                 – Each participant will receive a certificate of completion which they can use as proof for their life orientation portfolios.


– Will be recognized as a school that is innovative and have pro-active leaders in education.
– Sets the school apart as one of the first in the area to introduce the programme into their life orientation curriculum.
– Encourages their learners to develop all the above mentioned skills, therefore equipping them for their future careers.
– Partners with stakeholders from the business sector and parent body to develop and nurture the future leaders of South Africa.


– Partnering with stakeholders in the education sector to equip young adults to obtain experiential learning opportunities.
– Partnering with stakeholders in the education sector to upskill and equip young adults in becoming future entrepreneurs.
– Helping young adults to develop themselves in all above skills and producing the right skills needed in the future work force.
– Having the opportunity to recognise talent that could be integrated into the companies human resource requirements.
– Have the opportunity to tap into the youth market and potential marketing opportunities they may need in the future.
– Opportunity for corporates to become involved through their Corporate Social Investment programmes.
– Helping to eradicate unemployment and poverty.