About Us

We believe everyone has the potential to earn an income, given the right knowledge (education),
skills (practical hands on mastery) and tools (resources) to succeed.
We, therefore, take complex business concepts and teach them in simple, easy to use practical applications
that can be adapted to any business model.

We are not only facilitators but  Skill Smiths that have extensive, in-depth expertise across the
Business and Education sector, bringing a diverse and rich cross pollination of skills needed within all our
Programmes and specialist Masterclasses.

We believe that when empowering others, one needs to add value to those one comes in contact with. 
We also believe that we can’t do this on our own and therefore as a women owned company; collaborating with other women
entrepreneurs allows us to become a force to be reckoned with. 

We fully embrace the concept that a women is much stronger when she belongs to a community where she is accepted,
valued, celebrated and encouraged to be the best she can be.


If you want to book as a keynote speaker with our keynote “A Skill-Smith’s True North”
email di@ezabekwa.co.za o elize@ezabekwa.co.za

Elize Brassell

Elize Brassell

Owner and Founder: Business Development

Elize Brassell is a owner and Co-Founder of Ezabekwa Group and fulfills the role of Marketing and new business development.  She believes that one must live one’s life intentionally and to its fullest. 

Elize has extensive experience in the financial and educational sector and has a deep passion to help other’s develop themselves to become the best they can be.

 Elize has completed a Mentorship diploma with UNISA, a Pastoral Counselling Course through Lonehill Village Church and is currently completing her Bachelor of Education with UNISA. Her unique ability to communicate and connect with people is one of her unique strengths.  

Elize and her partner, Di Timberlake; designed, developed and created the #EIP (Entrepreneur Incubator Programme) which has already helped a number of Entrepreneurs in taking their business to new heights successfully. 

Elize is passionate about developing the Youth of South Africa by giving them the right knowledge, tools and skills to create employment opportunities for themselves and others. She has had the opportunity and privileged to address a number of young adults at Tertiary and Secondary school levels on the on the transition from high school to University, Leadership skills and pursuing Entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves.

 Elize is married to Norman, whom she sees as her business mentor and best friend. She has two beautiful daughters, Dominique and Maxine. Elize also is actively involved in her church community and in partnership with her husband heads up a Home Group. 

 She is the Deacon of the Pastoral Care Ministry and she and Norman are passionate about empowering marriages through effective communication.

 Elize is also a motivational and business speaker, mentor and councilor.

Di Timberlake

Di Timberlake

Owner and Founder: Curriculum Architect

Di Timberlake is owner and Co-founder of Ezabekwa Group and fulfils the role of Curriculum Architct. 
Di has over 23 years experience in the field of management and leadership performance development.  She has consulted with companies in various industries including banking, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, mining, education, construction and retail.

She has in-depth experience in a wide range of skills training, helping delegates and management to obtain key skills and knowledge in the following areas:  Leadership, Management, Sales, Business Processes, Systems Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Personality Types, Teams, Managing Change, Coaching, Networking, Communication, Presentations, Motivation and Interview and Selection Skills.

Her passion is to make a difference and add value to all her clients and for them to walk away having spent their time wisely, gaining valuable insights, skills and abilities to carry them forward.

Di serves as a speaker and promoter, focusing on developing the youth of South Africa.  She holds seminars and training courses for teenagers and their parents on relationships, boundaries, bullying and respect.  She has written a book as a support to these programmes.

She has also spoken at business conferences on Sales and Personality Types and skills.

Di has a strong work ethic of excellence. She demands this of her delegates in an environment that is both safe and challenging.  She is able to handle different levels of experience and learning pace through her inclusive style of facilitation.  She is able to work on her own and takes full responsibility for the success of her training as well as transfer of knowledge to her delegates.