We offer several  specialist masterclasses that offer thorough, detailed focus on specific areas within a business. Each of these specialist masterclasses are full day sessions and 7 CPD points may be earned  by the delegate who attends these.

Finding your True North
Strategizing & Charting your systems Thinking
Making Sense of the Cents
Mastering your Marketing Strategy
 Growing your Sales Funnel
Performing a Pitch Perfect Presentation.

Upcomming Masterclass:

SUPERSIZE YOUR SALES – 13th April 2018               08:00 – 16:00

Cost: R3495.00
Book today – & receive a mystery discount!

This Masterclass will provide you with the tools that equip you to become a
Sales Skill Smith and take your sales to a new level.

The core of being great at sales is understanding that….
“It is ALL about your client and never about you.” Sales is a relationship game it is a
game of developing connections and staying connected. Often people will buy from
People they like. It is therefor important to understand your sales approach and how to
adapt to your customer’s needs.

DISCOVER YOUR TRUE NORTH – 20th April 2018               08:00 – 16:00
Cost: R2495.00
Book today – & receive a mystery discount!

This Masterclass will empower you to explore your true passion, skill and abilities
to create opportunities and possibilities that fulfill your dreams and true passion.

By fully understanding yourself, you are empowered to assist yourself and others
to achieve their full potential By usingthe practical, hands-on tools provided in this
Masterclass you will be empowered to live to your true potential.


IN  T H I S  M A S T E R  C L A S S  Y O U  W I L L . . .

* Discovering your True Passion & Drive in Business

* Understanding and Empowering Others Effectively

* Implementing a ClearStrategy to Grow Your Passion & Dream