I want to thank Elize and Di for this amazing initiative. I have always been a creative individual but lacked a structural way of setting up and running a business.  This resulted in most of my ideas not coming to fruition.  By going through the EIP Programme, I learnt practical ways of setting up a business and got insight in the different facets of a business. As a result I have opened two businesses; one being a staffing solutions company (www.staffconnect.co.za) and the other a coaching and training company (www.htalk.co.za).  I have no idea how people start businesses, without making use of this program, I tried several times without success. Now I feel I can do anything in business.     

Honest Ncube

Founder, Htalk

I found the #EIP course to focus on all the core elements of building a sustainable business. This forced me as an Entrepreneur to do the groundwork, understand my markets and processes, budgeting etc. -in order to succeed. As a specialist in what you do, you don’t have all the skills, know-how on what it takes to run a business. This course points out all your gaps, and is a great opportunity to network,       brainstorm and find solutions /partnerships in the areas where you are lacking. They shared invaluable insights from being Entrepreneurs themselves, and their encouragement and heart made all of the difference-all of the best with empowering many more Entrepreneurs in South Africa and changing our economy for the better.

Yoke van Dam

Founder, Y-Connect

Caroline Renzulli

Founder, Paws 4 Afria