SA Stats have reveleaed that 56% of young adults between the ages of 15 and 34
are facing unemployment.
Only 1 out of every 5 graduates will find empolyment in South-Africa.  

The Youth Ezabekwa Incubator Program (aka #YEIP)

The Youth Ezabekwa Incubator Program is run over a period of 9 contact sessions (known as modules). Each module acts as a building block which imparts a variety of skills that will assist the delegate to start off a business or peruse their chosen career path.

In each module the delegates are given a practical task that enables them to test the knowledge and skills they have learned.  The Graduates leave our program with Employability Skills that sets them apart to be successful in their chosen career field and we welcome them to our Skill-Smith Alumni.

For Pricing information to secure you spot for the next #YEIP email sales@ezabekwa.co.za



* We take a Holistic approach in covering all the core components that encourages growth.
This is taken in the context of systems thinking and how each component affects performance.

* The programme is highly interactive.  All the tools and skills taught can be
directly applied to the delegate’s circumstances.

* The programme is accredited with the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP)
and delegates will get a a fully accredited certificate from the SABPP upon compIetion of #YEIP. 

* Our facilitators are Skill Smiths that have extensive, in-depth expertise accross the business
and education sector, bringing a diverse and rich cross pollination of skills needed within the Programme.

*Career opportunties offered via existing networks

*Target Market: 15-34 years of age

Understand oneself and exploring one’s strengths
Identify critical skills needed for the world of work
Develop a personal value statement

Research market opportunities
Establish a vision, purpose and values statement
Identify all possible stakeholders
Understand the components of the value chain


Explore the dynamics of basic economics

Understand the relationship between supply and demand

Budgets and understanding what, why and how they work

Goal setting and Convert goals to measures
Identify the required components and processes involved
Manage time and ensure delivery
Predict and overcoming challenges
Engage people to perform

Systems thinking
Check for gaps and assumptions
Triangulate with other teams
Plot a persuasive case for their business idea

Interpret a changing world
Identify challenges and analyse them
Effective interpersonal skills and Team work

Analyse and interprete various process models
Plot a full business process
Use systems thinking to
understand dynamics within a business

Refine their value proposition statement
Components of marketing
Understand and analyse how buyers buy
Discover persuasion techniques
Dealing with concerns and objections
Finishing strong and closing the sale

Define presentation skills
Identify own communication style
Examine components of a presentation
Engaging the audience with all 5 senses
Dealing with difficult people

Presentations will take place throughout this module
20 minute presentations
10 minutes for question and discussion
All presentations will be scored using an assessment rubric


– Gain hands-on experience by practically applying their knowledge to a real life business opportunity.
– Access to business mentorship across a number of careers.
– Present their business idea/plan to a business panel.
– Each participant will receive a certificate of completion which they can use as proof for their life orientation portfolios.


– Will be recognized as a school that is innovative and have pro-active leaders in education.
– Sets the school apart as one of the first in the area to introduce the programme into their life orientation curriculum.
– Encourages their learners to develop all the above mentioned skills, therefore equipping them for their future careers.
– Partners with stakeholders from the business sector and parent body to develop and nurture the future leaders of South Africa.


– Partnering with stakeholders in the education sector to equip young adults to obtain experiential learning opportunities.
– Partnering with stakeholders in the education sector to upskill and equip young adults in becoming future entrepreneurs.
– Helping young adults to develop themselves in all above skills and producing the right skills needed in the future work force.
– Having the opportunity to recognise talent that could be integrated into the companies human resource requirements.
– Have the opportunity to tap into the youth market and potential marketing opportunities they may need in the future.
– Opportunity for corporates to become involved through their Corporate Social Investment programmes.
– Helping to eradicate unemployment and poverty.